Shopify Data Import

You can connect your Shopify store to Everhort for automatic import of your order data by filling in one field:

Once connected, Everhort will automatically import the entire order history of your Shopify store so that you can analyze all historical customer purchase behavior.

New order data will automatically be imported into Everhort from your Shopify store each day so that you can analyze new

Contribution Margin

Everhort's Lifetime Value by Cohort chart and other LTV tools are designed to work with contribution margins when available.

If you have set up unit costs for your products in Shopify, Everhort will automatically use those to calculate the contribution margin on each order. If the unit cost is not available for a given line item, Everhort will default to 100% margin (net revenue).

You can set unit costs for products in your Shopify store admin panel by using the "Cost per Item" field as shown below:

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