Channel Filters

If you have connected a Shopify store, then you will be able to select from various channel-level filters:

After selecting a type of channel from the list above, a list of the top 100 values with the most customer visits for that channel type for the currently selected time range will automatically populate:

The total number of customer visits for each given value during the currently selected time period will be shown in parentheses so that you can get a quick sense of which channels are most active. These visit counts include both first-time purchases and returning purchases.

If you change the time range at the top of the page, these values will update to reflect visits during that time period.

Source of Data

The customer visit data is collected automatically by Shopify and may differ from channel data that you see in other tools such as Google Analytics, depending on how your store is set up and how traffic comes in.


The channel filters will currently match on both first-visit and last-visit attribution. For example, if you select Source = Google, the filter will match customers who came in with a source of Google on either their first visit before converting or their last visit before converting.

Order Number

As with order-level filtering, you can choose whether you want the channel filter to match the customer's first purchase, a subsequent purchase, or any purchase:

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