Averages Chart

The Averages tab in Everhort shows the average performance by cohort for common Ecommerce metrics, including:

  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Average Items Per Basket (IPB)
  • Average Item Value (AIV)

The metric chosen using the tabs in the upper right will be plotted against each cohort's age in months on the x-axis. Thus, the values intersecting the y-axis on the left will represent the average value the period they were acquired, and each point moving left to right will represent the average value after each successive period.

AOV is calculated as net revenue / number of orders.

IPB is calculated as total line item quantity / number of orders.

AIV is calculated as net revenue / total line item quantity.

As with all reports in Everhort, the data is also presented in tabular format and available for download as a CSV file. Read more about table views in Everhort.

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