CSV Column Assignment

The first time you import a CSV file, or any time you import a CSV file with different column headings, you will need to tell Everhort how to identify the columns it needs to use.

The left side of the column assignment page lists a series of drop down boxes representing the data fields that Everhort will use.For each drop down box, select the column in your file that contains the corresponding data. As you make selections, Everhort will show the column assignments in the file preview on the right side of the page.

Everhort will also check the first and last few rows of your file to make sure the data in the assigned columns is in a valid format. When all required rows have been assigned, you will see a message underneath the file preview saying that your file can now be uploaded.

You can continue assigning optional fields if your file has them. When you have mapped all fields a green checkmark will appear next to each row in the preview.

If there is a problem with the format or content of a cell, Everhort will show a red exclamation mark next to that row and highlight the cell in red. This could happen if you select the wrong column for a data field, for example if you assign a non-monetary column to a monetary field like Net Revenue or Contribution Margin, or if any of the values for a required field are blank. Here is an example of what you would see if you tried to assign an Email column to Contribution Margin:

Once all required columns have been successfully assigned to fields, you will be shown a preview of how the first and last few rows of your file will be imported into Everhort. It's a good idea to review this to make sure the data looks correct. For example, you should check that the timestamp column and monetary values were interpreted correctly.

If everything looks good, you can kick off the import by clicking the Continue button on the left side of the page.

The next time you upload a CSV, Everhort will remember and try to reuse your previous column assignments so that you don't have to repeat this step if your file format doesn't change. (You will always be given a chance to review the assignments before kicking off the data import process.)

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